Rhône river cruises

Discover this fascinating French river that served as an important gateway for the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Slowly flowing towards the Mediterranean Sea from beautiful old Lyon, the Rhône cuts a serene path through the heart of France. Medieval cities and Roman ruins line the waterway as it journeys south through ancient villages and prosperous towns. Gallic heritage can be experienced on every bend of this beautiful river, from the rustic settlements dotted along the waterway to the acres of wine-producing vineyards.

A slow and relaxed way of life takes hold the further south you journey on our Rhône river cruises, under the watchful gaze of the Mediterranean sun. Long, lazy lunches and midday glasses of wine become the norm in this delightful part of France, giving you plenty of time to take in the beautiful scenery.
The Emerald Liberté has been custom-built for river cruising along the Rhône and Saône; the delightful Sun Deck is the perfect location to watch the stunning backdrop pass by, a glass of a local vintage in hand.

Explore France's foodie capital

Since 1935, France's second city, Lyon, has proudly boasted the unofficial title of 'world capital of gastronomy'. A rustic approach to cooking started in the city in the 19th century, when middle-class women left their homes to work as cooks and help to craft new culinary traditions and world-renowned dishes.

These culinary traditions can be sampled today in the charming bouchons of 
Lyon, small, traditional restaurants serving old-fashioned dishes and local wines. The dishes found in the city's 20 remaining bouchons are rich and warming; the atmosphere found in each is both friendly and personable.

Sensations of Lyon & Provence river cruise starts with an overnight on board stay in Lyon, and then a full day in the city. You'll have time to enjoy the rich culinary heritage and explore all the stunning sights of the city.

Explore the Rhône with Emerald Liberté

Built specifically for our Sensations of Lyon & Provence river cruise, Emerald Liberté skilfully navigate the rivers Rhône and Saône. Mirroring the effortless sophistication and beauty of the French countryside she navigates, Emerald Liberté offers an authentic experience throughout the heart of France.

A serene path through the heart of France

Cutting a serene path through the heart of France, medieval cities such as Arles and Roman ruins line the Rhône as it journeys south through ancient villages and prosperous towns. From its rustic settlements to the acres of wine-producing vineyards, this is a region worthy of your bucket list.

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