The Black Sea

Situated between Europe and Asia, lies this fascinating body of water, its name shrouded in mystery.
Surrounded by Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia and the Ukraine, the Black Sea has several major rivers feeding into it, including the mighty Danube, plus a plethora of stunning cities line up along its coast, namely Istanbul, Sochi, Odessa and Batumi.

Embrace the spirit of countries with vast tales to tell, explore historic battlefields and walk golden beaches. Watch as Middle Eastern and Western European cultures collide in spectacular fashion.


In the Marmara region of northwestern Turkey, Çanakkale is the gateway to the Gallipoli battlefields.
Visit Anzac Cove on the Gallipoli peninsula and walk in the footsteps of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who landed there during the First World War.

Canakkale is much more than just a launch point for Gallipoli's battlefields. The highly regarded Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University gives this small city a large student population, meaning there is a wealth of bustling, locally influenced, bars and restaurants creating a warm atmosphere along the cities historic cobbled lanes, and sweeping waterfront. Why not visit the Yali Hani tea garden - hidden in the wisteria-covered courtyard of a late 19th-century caravanserai is this atmospheric hybrid çay bahçesi (tea garden) and bar that doubles as a performance and film-festival venue.


One of Russia’s southernmost cities, Sochi is situated along the Black Sea on the ‘Russian Riviera’.
A subtropical resort in south west Russia made popular by the Russian elite, Sochi is most famous for its mineral springs and beautiful coastline with the stunning backdrop of the Caucasus Mountains making it a holiday makers paradise. Sochi has a number of historical sights to explore including Loo Temple, Stalin’s Summer Residence and the Byzantine-era Godlik Fortress, plus a host of museums and of course the Sochi Olympic Park from when the hosted the 2014 games.

A popular place to stop off and explore is Sochi National Park. Home to an abundance of flora and fauna, containing a wealth of beautiful natural sights, such as the Akhun Mountain the highest peak in Sochi from where you can enjoy breathtaking views across the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains range.



With an east meets west vibe, Istanbul is a cultural melting pot, offering the very best of what Europe and Asia have to offer.

With a strong heritage, architectural masterpieces and great culinary diversity, there really is something for everyone. This Turkish city holds ancient tradition close, while allowing other cultures to make their mark for the better. Often described as multiple cities within one, a vibrant, cosmopolitan social scene coexists in the company of monuments to its Ottoman and Byzantine past. Marvel at the cascading domes and six minarets of the Blue Mosque, built for Sultan Ahmet, renowned for its blue Iznik tiles inside, from which it gets its nickname. Visit the beautiful Hagia Sophia, a triumph of Byzantine architecture and one of the most visited museums in the world. Enjoy the exciting atmosphere of the Grand Bazaar as it bombards your senses in the heart of Istabul's old town. Don't forget to sample Turkish coffee and eat traditional cuisine for the truly sensory experience


Founded in the late 18th century as a Russian naval fortress, the Ukrainian city of Odessa is one of the most significant industrial ports in the Black Sea.
Home to beautiful beaches, quaint pastel buildings and the stunning old town with a spectacular opera house, it attracts visitors from around the world with its vibrant cultural and artistic scene.

Walk the famous Potemkin Steps, which sweep down from Bul Prymorsky to the Black Sea and Ukraine’s biggest commercial port, pausing to admire the striking views of the harbour. Don’t worry, you can avoid climbing back to the steps summit by taking a funicular railway that runs parallel.

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